How will Miami Diaper Bank help families in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma?

Miami Diaper Bank will supply families with diapers throughout South Florida who are affected by Hurricane Irma by collaborating with partner agencies, evacuation shelters and other nonprofits who are providing relief services to families affected by the natural disaster. Miami Diaper Bank will also continue to support families in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and throughout the recovery process of rebuilding their lives.

Does the Miami Diaper Bank only help families in Miami?

No. We provide assistance to families across South Florida. 

What type of donations are you currently accepting?

Right now, we currently are accepting monetary donations through our website donation page or through our Give a Pack program page on All monetary donations are used to purchase diapers at a special discounted wholesale rate through our membership in the JetCares program so your donation goes the extra mile and we get the diapers to families as quickly and efficiently as possible. To learn more about the JetCares program click here

Are you accepting diaper donation shipments?

We currently do not have the capacity to accept donations of packs of diapers due to the complicated logistics involved in receiving and managing donations in a disaster zone. Our goal is to help families as quickly and efficiently as possible and will apply all monetary donations to purchase discounted diapers and ship them directly to designated locations throughout South Florida.

Where does my donation go?

100% of every donation made through October 31st, 2017 will go to purchasing diapers for families in South Florida affected by Hurricane Irma. Donations will be used to purchase diapers to distribute to shelters in the affected areas and nonprofits providing relief services to babies and families in need. We are committed to supporting families throughout the recovery process and donations will also go towards post-recovery efforts to support families rebuild their lives.

Can I donate online?

Yes! Please visit our website donation page or our Give A Pack page on to add a donation with your purchase – We will order diapers using our special discount and send them to help families on a rolling basis.

Do you donate to individuals?

No. We donate diapers to community parters and third party nonprofits/agencies who serve and provide services to children and families in crisis. 

How do I organize and host a diaper drive?

Our Give a Pack page on is the easiest way to coordinate diaper donations on our behalf, especially from out of state. If you would like to organize a diaper drive and collect physical donations, please contact us so we can provide you with the best location to ship the diapers:


What is the Give A Pack program?

The Give a Pack program allows people to make donations to Miami Diaper Bank in the form of JetCash. We can use JetCash to pay for our orders of Cuties Economy Plus Packs of diapers which we receive special discounted pricing because we are part of the JetCares program. $1 of JetCash is equal to $1 of a purchase on and JetCash does not expire. To learn more about the JetCares program please click here

Why is the minimum amount I can donate to the Give a Pack page on, $35?

The minimum donation available through our Give a Pack page is $35 which is enough to cover a pack of diapers purchased via through the JetCares program. We accept all donation amounts through our website donation page: Cuties Economy Plus Packs of diapers packs purchased through come in the following amounts of diapers: 

                 Newborn: 108 diapers

                 Size 1: 176 diapers

                 Size 2: 252 diapers

                 Size 3: 224 diapers

                 Size 4: 200 diapers

                 Size 5: 160 diapers

                 Size 6: 144 diapers

Where do I send cash/check donations?

Please make checks out to the Miami Diaper Bank and send them to: 

Miami Diaper Bank

4770 Biscayne Blvd Suite 980

Miami, Florida 33137

Currently, we do not take credit card by phone donations, but the easiest and quickest way to donate to Miami Diaper Bank is online

I'm having trouble with the website, who do I contact?

Sorry about that! Please email us at 

Will you be updating us on your donation efforts?

Yes! Our main focus will being able to provide diapers to families and babies in need but please check our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook for updates along the way.